Choosing the perfect engagement ring

When choosing the perfect engagement rings, educating yourself on a few key aspects of this important purchase will help you find just the right one. An engagement ring is a (hopefully) lifelong gift, one that will pass from generation to generation. As such, you need to take the time to choose it well. Here are some tips from our staff to help you:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions about diamond quality
  • Be sure you know your price range before you begin your search
  • Think about the type of person you plan to propose to and think about her preferences
  • Consider her lifestyle (work, hobbies, style)

When buying an engagement ring or choosing a Custom Made Wedding Ring, it is important to know the specific characteristics of the diamond you are buying. Diamond cut quality (also called diamond facet quality) is one of the most obvious and important characteristics of a diamond. Poorly cut diamonds can reflect a lot of light back out of the diamond, (making it appear darker and dull). Look for round brilliant cut (or princess cut) diamonds which are cut to maximize their sparkle and brilliance. Be aware that although a diamond’s color and clarity are important, they are characteristics that cannot always be “improved” once engagement rings are purchased. The diamond’s carat weight (weight) is also a characteristic that cannot be altered once an engagement ring is purchased. A quality diamond ring does not simply come in a certain type of diamond shape, or a certain carat weight. Although the most common shape is a round brilliant cut, there are a multitude of diamond shapes available, including princess cut, emerald cut, cushion cut, marquise cut, asscher cut, oval cut, pear cut, and heart and navette shapes. Engagement Ring Trends For 2022: The 7 Most Popular Styles | Glamour UK A good quality diamond ring can come in a wide range of diamond colors, from colorless, pale yellow, white, and near colorless (colorless with very slight yellow undertones) to yellow, brown, or red. Look for a jeweler who has been certified through the American Gem Society’s Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Experts like Toner Jewelers are trained specifically in diamond identification and cutting quality. They have special training in diamond identification. They are also taught how to analyze and evaluate cut quality (the most important characteristic of a diamond). Browse around these guys to get more details. After a successful proposal, you can then plan out your wedding such as choosing an indoor or outdoor wedding venue (visit sites like for additional guidance), reception, gowns, photo and video documentation (learn more about it by going here), and more.