I am in a bridal party and we are ordering the dresses through your store, but I live out of state. How do I go about ordering?

Any bridesmaid who is unable to come into the store to be measured and order their dress can simply do it over the phone.

The first step is to be measured. We recommend being measured by a professional either at a dress shop or a tailor. The necessary measurements are bust, waist, and hip.

Next, call the store and provide us with the bride’s last name. We will take the necessary information along with your measurements and payment (all credit cards are accepted). If the bride purchased her dress with us, then there is a 20% discount on the dress and a 60% deposit is required to order. If the bride did NOT purchase her dress with us and there are two or more people in the bridal party, then there is a 15% discount and payment in full is required to order.

The dresses will be delivered to our store and the bride will be notified when they come in.

Shipping via UPS from our location is available for a $20 fee, which can also be paid over the phone.